Life science website development: 5 reasons to improve your website

By Claire Nicholson | Reading time: 3 minutes

Life science website development: 5 reasons to improve your website

Life science website development can help your website become a vehicle for generating sales-ready leads. 

Here are 5 reasons to improve your website. You might decide to create an entirely new website for your life science company or refresh the existing website. 

Your website should be the front end of your company. Make sure your website isn’t falling short of where it needs to be for maximised website traffic. 

1. Life science website development can help you add call-to-actions on your website


The first step to improve your website is through using clear and brief call to actions. These help to direct visitors around your website. For example, be sure that your contact information is in a prominent location on your site. 

Your call to actions could encourage your website visitors to read more about a topic through a blog article or they could sign up to an email newsletter. Pop-ups, if used sparingly, could be useful for adding call-to-actions to your website. 

2. Take advantage of mobile devices

Formatting your site for mobile devices can be a great way to improve website traffic as more users can access your site.

Check out your website on devices of different sizes. About 58% of all website traffic is now via a mobile device so it’s crucial your website is optimised for devices of every size. 

All modern internet browsers include developer tools. These enable you to simulate how your website looks across many devices. Try these out to see how well your website works. 

This is a particularly important step if your business is using social media to promote your company. Most social media users are on a mobile device – be sure mobile visitors enjoy the same experience on your site as desktop users. 




3. Search engine optimisation is a vehicle to improving your website whilst increasing traffic

There’s many actionable tips you can implement to optimise your search engine ranking results and improve your website. These changes range from making sure that your Google search appearances have all the content necessary, to making sure your website runs smoothly from a technical point of view. 

These steps can all help improve a visitor’s experience of your website, therefore increasing the chances they will return. 


4. You may not be promoting your website effectively

Don’t expect new website visitors to just randomly stumble across your website – they won’t! Are you promoting your website effectively? It’s crucial to be directing traffic to your website. This could be through everything from email lists to social media advertising. 

Make sure that Google Analytics is installed on your site. This will help you monitor traffic to your site over time and set ambitious targets for growth in traffic over the month. 

5.  Adding new content allows you to showcase expertise

Increasing the breadth of available content on your site is the first step to improving what you’re offering visitors.

Keep adding new content to your website which is both relevant and useful to your audience.  This will help provide promotional material for you to use across your marketing activities. Google will rank sites with newer content higher than those without. Be sure your new content is optimised for SEO or you may adversely impact your organic search traffic. 

Want a website refresh, or perhaps an entirely new website? 

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