About us

A passion for life science marketing and events

Since 2008, Minnac’s mission has been to create and execute innovative and compelling experiential marketing strategies for the life sciences market. 

We are your flexible resource that brings life science market expertise, technical knowledge and creativity to help deliver marketing content or events that resonates and engages with your target market.

By understanding your products, your market and your objectives we aim to work in partnership with you and be an extension of your team. Doing business in a way that positively builds relationships and partnerships with trust and integrity – positively impacting our clients, their customers and our team members.

Our team are passionate about science and marketing, with PhD-level expertise and extensive senior executive marketing experience gained in leading life science companies, such as Abcam, Affymetrix, GE, Life Technologies, Illumina, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, and Qiagen

What is experiential marketing for life sciences?

Form a lasting connection between life science customers and a brand

In a changing world, maximising the impact of activities to drive engagement is paramount. Experiential (or engagement) marketing, is where brand experiences are used to help gain competitive advantage, capture customer loyalty, and create communities, either virtually or in-person

We deliver customised, interactive, and memorable experiences connecting with audiences in relevant, meaningful, and interesting ways

By creating multiple touchpoints to engage the target audience, the aim is to inspire the sharing of memorable experiences with colleagues across multiple channels. This approach allows a business to show its customers not just what it can offer but what it stands for, producing high-quality marketing leads and increasing customer conversion

Why work with Minnac Life Sciences?

A service to suit any budget, with consultants supporting the life of the project  shaping the approach and understanding what is essential for our clients to be successful

We have over a decade of experience devising marketing strategies for a range of budget and developing inspiring and engaging events for our clients. Our live, virtual, or hybrid events provide a unique and memorable experience, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and create the ‘wow’ factor for your customers

A responsive team of passionate life science professionals with broad in-depth scientific knowledge, we provide more than just excellent project management. We deliver insight into strategies that drive commercial success at the executive level and become your product and subject matter experts

Our team

Strategic planning, creative development, tactical implementation, and technical production services – all designed and executed by our expert in-house team

We help our clients maximise the impact of activities that drive engagement, focusing on their specific goals and objectives

Our experience ranges from working in large life science corporates to small start-ups. Together we have delivered memorable and impactful events and marketing activities for some of the biggest names in life science. Our passionate team of life scientists combine marketing, logistics, events, and sales expertise to effectively understand the requirements and drivers of success, to match each of our clients’ individual needs

Working at Minnac Life Sciences

We are driven by a love of what we do

The company was built to create flexible working opportunities in a collaborative and close-knit team environment, enabling life science professionals to return to work whilst caring for a family or offer choices for different work-life balance commitments

Our philosophy is centralised around a collective purpose to generate unique customer-centric experiences, doing business in a way that builds relationships and partnerships with trust and integrity  positively impacting our clients, their customers, and our team members