High-quality content to engage your audience

A webinar can be the perfect tool to communicate with a targeted, global audience

A visually interesting webinar with high production values will reflect the high standards of your brand and help drive customer engagement. We can help you with all aspects of your webinar production to ensure a high-quality broadcast that will engage your audience and be a powerful addition to your overall marketing campaigns


Putting your customers at the heart of your marketing

Webinars are a great way to reach a global audience online across multiple timezones, giving you the opportunity to build a community and have real-time conversations and interactions with your customers

You can engage with your audience in a familiar format with interactive Q&A, polls and surveys, and capture leads before, during, and post-event

 With our scientific background, and experience in life science marketing and events, you can expect a webinar that is high-quality, impactful, and engaging. Our webinar portals can be integrated into your website for seamless delegate management through your CRM for lead capture and follow up.

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A complete solution for webinar production

Taking the hassle from webinar production, leaving you time to focus on your essential marketing activities

  • Agenda development: align your webinar with your overall marketing strategy, sourcing and inviting inspirational speakers if needed
  • Content creation: produce any pre-recorded elements and videos for your webinar and marketing campaigns
  • Speaker support: ensure your speakers have the confidence to give the best performance possible and reflect well on your brand
  • Live event management: make sure there are no technical hitches and everything runs smoothly
  • Webinar set up: seamless marketing, registration, recruitment, follow up, lead capture, and feedback

More than just a webinar?

Interactive platform features to provide a more engaging experience and help build communities

  • Single or multiple presenters, live and interactive Q&A, panel discussions, polls, and surveys
  • Product demonstrations: communicate best practise and showcase products
  • Knowledge exchange: upskill and problem solve
  • Fireside chat: informal dissemination of ideas
  • Conference satellite workshops: increase your presence at virtual meetings and mimic in-person events
  • User group meeting or sales training

Your most important asset  your speakers

Ensuring a great speaker experience

We understand that anyone featuring in your webinars, especially customers, need to feel supported throughout the process. We work closely with your speakers to help them prepare and take part in the live event, further enhancing your customer relationship and allowing you to focus on your business goals

  • Speaker on-boarding and continual support
  • Presentation training
  • Technical assistance and advice
  • Speaker gifts