Technical and digital production

High-value content creation

Video content is an important part of your marketing toolkit, from product explainers and branded animations, to webinars and pre-recorded talks for virtual events

We can help you with all aspects of video content creation, from concept and storyboarding through to filming and post-production editing, creating highly professional video content to augment your marketing campaigns

We know what it takes to create high-quality video content

Delivering your vision professionally and with clarity

Producing a video that will fit into your overall marketing campaign begins with understanding your objectives

We have a wealth of experience in delivering professionally produced video content. Our team can plan and deliver storyboarding, scripting, speaker management, filming, and post-production editing – helping you get the content you need

Peace of mind for video production

Creating valuable assets to convey your message

We offer a complete solution for video production that will adapt to your needs. With our expert team of producers, designers, and editors, together with our scientific background and experience in life science marketing, you can expect content that is impactful, engaging, and accurately communicates your science and brand to a technical audience

  • Product videos
  • Branded animations and idents
  • Pre-recorded presentations for virtual conferences
  • Subtitled content

Your most important asset  your speakers

We help your speakers produce compelling and inspiring presentations

We understand that anyone featuring in your video content, especially customers, needs to feel supported throughout the creation process so they can give a great performance that reflects well on your brand

Ensuring a great speaker experience is a key feature of Minnac’s service – we work closely with internal or external speakers to help them plan, practice, and record their presentation, within the deadline and to a high quality

  • Speaker on-boarding and support
  • Presentation training
  • Technical assistance and advice
  • Speaker gifts