Social media for a life science company: It’s crucial for business success

By Claire Nicholson | Reading time: 3 minutes

Social media for a life science company: It’s crucial for business success

Are you undertaking social media for a life science company?  

Social media should form a vital part of your social media strategy – it should underpin each of the marketing activities you undertake. There’s so much more to social media than what you might have read in the news headlines. There are so many features of social media that you can and should capitalise on. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should be using social media alongside each of your marketing activities for your biotech start-up. 

1. You own it and can plan in advance


It seems obvious but social media is the direct line to your customers. There’s no one else speaking for you. Social media means you’re saying exactly what you both want and need it to say. We work directly with our clients across the biotechnology industry to ensure they’re comfortable with the messaging that’s published across their social media accounts.  

Scheduling software helps you plan out your posting topics in advance. What subjects would you like to cover? Create a social media calendar to help you spread these topics out enough and maximise your ROI.  

2. Social media for a life science company is a quick and direct line to reach your customers

Have news you want to share quickly? There’s no better way to share it. You can also encourage your customers to share your content or share their experiences with your customers. There’s no better social media promotion than when your target audience, your customersbegin to do the promotion for you. 



3. Social media helps to maximise the ROI from your other marketing campaigns

If you’re adding content to your website or are sending out email lists social media can help you build and expand upon the message you’re beginning to develop. 

It may help to keep a calendar of all your marketing activities – be sure to coincide social media with when emails are sent. 


4. You’ll be part of the life science industry’s conversation

Social media also enables you to engage directly with the conversation taking place within the biotechnology industry.  This happens through a process called “social listening”. It’s where you investigate what’s happening on social media.  

What are people responding well to? Who are the key users, posting relevant content within the biotech industry? Engaging with this content and those key accounts will help to establish your biotech start-up as a thought leader within the field. Responding to their content may include anything from directly asking them questions to simply liking / retweeting their content. 

5.  Social media enables your life science company to continually evolve

When beginning a social media campaign, it’s crucial to set relevant KPIs. Be sure to set the correct goals for your social media accounts. These are goals which work to enhance the brand visibility of your biotech company. They’re also realistic but ambitious – aim for steady growth of your social media platforms month on month.  

Keep in mind that as your product line and business evolves, you’re able to evolve your social media approach. You may find that particular social media engagement is more beneficial to your start-up. Perhaps a greater number of impressions translates into more website activity than focusing on the number of new social media followers. It’s key to flex as you become able to understand the most successful social media content. 

Get in touch to see how we can help maximise social media for your life science company. If you’re interested in reading more about the ever-changing role of social media in business click here to read Hootsuite’s 2021 report.   


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